POLL: 50% of young Americans think the Holocaust may be a 'myth'

Anyone who attended a deficient history class in K-12 or college can visit any international Holocaust museum, which provides documents, videos, and photographs of the genocide.

A new YouGov/Economist poll reveals that over 20% of Americans aged 18-29 believe the Holocaust is a “myth” or “has been exaggerated.” An additional 30% report being ambivalent about whether the 20th-century genocide is a “myth”. 

”Young people are nearly five times more likely to think this than those aged 65 and older (28% versus 6%),” The Economist reports

The history-focused media platform History Hit lists 15 international Holocaust museums visitors can visit where documents, photographs, and videos of the genocide are on display for those who did not live during World War II and may have attended deficient history classes in K-12 or college. 

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Zachary Marschall has written extensively for this publication about his grandfather’s survival of the Holocaust, specifically during Kristallnacht and in the Dachau concentration camp near Munich, Germany. 

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Marschall has argued previously in Campus Reform that leftist activism in higher education embraces anti-intellectualism to supplant feelings for facts and logic in classroom discussions, assignments, and scholarly work. This trend, he contends, targets Jews and their history, which fuels anti-Semitism in academia. 

”The greatest scam coming out of higher education and affecting the rest of American culture is the idea that ‘lived experience’ can substitute for scholarly intellect,” Marschall wrote in December 2022. “It should occur to more people that they might be factually wrong about things they feel.”

Perhaps significantly, nearly the same proportion of American college students (32%) believe that the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack was ”justified” as the number of 18-29-year-old Americans who wonder if the Holocaust is made up.