POLL: Majority of Americans oppose men competing in women's sports

58% of respondents stated that biological males 'should not be allowed' to compete against women at the collegiate and professional levels.

A minority (40%) of Americans believe that the 'acceptance of people who are transgender' is 'good for society.'

A recent Washington Post-University of Maryland poll found that the majority of Americans oppose allowing male athletes to compete in women’s sports, despite progressives’ attempt to normalize gender identity preference by the Biden administration.

According to the poll, 58% of respondents stated that biological males “should not be allowed” to compete against women at the collegiate and professional levels. 

Approximately 55% expressed opposition at the high school level, while 49% opposed allowing boys to compete against girls in youth sports.

The Biden administration has been adamant supporters of normalizing gender identity as a socially accepted category. In its first month, the White House enacted two executive orders that sought to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Now, the Department of Education is considering a rewrite of Title IX that would extend federal protections to transgender students in public schools and universities. 

The proposal is expected to be announced in June but has already suffered a two-month delay as lawmakers and state agencies threaten legal action.

However, the White House agenda does not appear to resonate with the American public.

According to the poll, a minority (40%) of Americans believe that the “acceptance of people who are transgender” is “good for society,” while 25% believe it will have a negative impact. 

Additionally, 35% believe that accepting transgender people in society will have neither good nor bad effects.

Most Americans believe that men have physical advantages over women with 68% supporting the statement that “transgender girls would have a competitive advantage over other girls.” 

Only 2% believe the reverse. 

The remaining 30% believe that no athlete would have an advantage over another.

This majority belief has been represented in statehouses across the country as a flurry of bills has been booked to require athletes to compete based on biological sex.

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Recently, Louisiana became the latest state to ban men or boys from competing in women’s and girls’ divisions. 

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards opposed it but allowed the bill to become law without signature due to overwhelming legislative support. 

Louisiana became the 19th state to impose restrictions on gender identity in athletics, including Georgia’s current ban on high school teams.

The poll was administered to 1,503 US adults. 1,264 participants identified as sports fans, while 973 were parents.

The survey reports a margin of error of +/- 3%.

Campus Reform contacted the University of Maryland and the Washington Post for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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