PPU students petition to remove classmate from campus after Fox News interview

Students are demanding their school remove a conservative undergraduate over an article he wrote for 'Campus Reform' that gained national media attention.

The petition adds that correspondent 'Logan Dubil and others like him are the scum of the Earth.'

Students at Point Park University are petitioning administrators to remove Logan Dubil, their conservative classmate from the school, after the undergraduate student appeared in media criticizing the university’s “Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming Policy.”

The Change.org petition, created by “Max,” currently has 396 signatures. 

”We need to remove Logan Dubil from campus as well as others like him who refuse to respect other people pronouns,” the petition reads, referencing the university policy that requires students to classmates’ preferred pronouns. 

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Dubil, a Campus Reform correspondent, broke the story that PPU said “action could be taken” against noncompliant students on this website. His reporting then gained national attention with the New York Post and Fox News picking up the story. 

Last week’s Fox article quoted Dubil and the Campus Reform correspondent subsequently announced Thursday his upcoming appearance on Laura Ingraham’s primetime show the following night.  

The petition appeared right after Fox published Dubil’s quote. 

“There is no possible way to be a moral correct person while also disrespecting people’s pronouns,” the document reads. “Logan Dubil and others like him are the scum of the Earth. No one belongs on our campus who does not respect other peoples pronouns.”

Dubil told Campus Reform that to his knowledge, no administrators have commented on the petition or his original article. Nevertheless, he is “not surprised in the slightest” that his peers are attempting to remove him from campus.

“At Point Park University, everyone preaches ‘inclusion this and inclusion that’ until they find out you are a conservative,” Dubil said. “After that discovery is made, it’s a different story.”

Dubil added that he “would like to hear from the school that this petition won’t lead to anything.” 

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He also described previous incidents of harassment and doxing due to his conservative beliefs.

“In my mind, I am not worried about action being taken regarding this petition, but after everything I’ve been through, I am not too sure the school will have my back on this one,” Dubil commented. 

With respect to Point Park’s pronoun policy and the students who support it, Dubil stated, “[T]hey expect everyone on campus to bow down to their wishes and call them by these made up pronouns, some of which I have never ever heard before.”

“I am all for trying my best to make these students happy by calling them their preferred pronoun, but what I am not for is the university itself making it a mandatory thing,” he said. “Adding on to that, it is concerning that a policy has been implemented and no one can even tell me what punishments will occur.”

Another petition, “Save Logan from his freedom of opinion being taken away,” recently emerged amid the campus controversy, having earned 58 signatures at the time of this article’s publication.

Campus Reform reached out to Point Park University for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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