Princeton University hosted series of queer events during the month of November

The Gender + Sexuality Center at Princeton University hosted a number of events in November to '[foster] a supportive and inclusive campus community' that promotes LGBTQ ideals.

Events this month included 'Feminist Fridays,' 'Trans Week of Liberation Open Mic Night,' and 'Queering Body Size: Open Training.'

 The Gender + Sexuality Center at Princeton University hosted a number of events in November to “[foster] a supportive and inclusive campus community” that promotes LGBTQ ideals. 

The Gender + Sexuality Center envisions a community “that affirms, uplifts, and celebrates women, femme, trans, and queer people and that actively resists sexism, cissexism, heteronormativity and other intersecting forms of oppression on campus and beyond,” according to their website

Events this month included “Feminist Fridays,” “Trans Week of Liberation Open Mic Night,” and “Queering Body Size: Open Training.”

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At the Nov. 18 “Feminist Friday,” “TERF Rhetoric“ was discussed, along with “its impacts on society, and how famous people can impact culture.” 

The acronym “TERF” stands for “Trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

At the “Trans Week of Liberation Open Mic Night,” held on Nov. 16, attendees were encouraged to “share your story or creative expressions in a night of solidarity and community.”

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The “Queering Body Size Open Training” event, held Nov. 29, was the first in a series given by the Assistant Director of the Gender + Sexuality Resource Center, Eric Anglero, “that discusses through trainings and dialogues the various, multiple conversations on justice that embody the broader conversations on marginalized gender and sexual identities.”

This series will be centered “on body size and fat liberation movements.”

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