Pro-abortion alumni want Amy Coney Barrett out of college's Hall of Fame

Rhodes College Alumni for Reproductive Rights sent a letter to Rhodes College administrators demanding Amy Coney Barrett be removed from the school’s Hall of Fame.

The petition stemmed from her vote to overturn Roe v. Wade in June.

Rhodes College alumni are petitioning to remove Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett from the college’s Hall of Fame in protest of her vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Rhodes College Alumni for Reproductive Rights (RCARR) aired their grievances in an August letter sent to Rhodes College President Jennifer Collins and Director of Community Standards Richard Adams accusing Barrett of violating the “Rhodes Honor System” during her 2020 confirmation hearing. 

Aluallege that Barrett’s refusal to state how she would vote on an abortion case during her hearing violated the life-long Rhodes College commitment to “truthfulness, frankness, and transparency.” The group labeled her testimony as “disingenuous and misleading.”

“The Rhodes Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed on seniors who have contributed, in some significant way, to the life of the College,” the group stated. “Simply being one of our most famous alumni is not a sufficient reason for the College to continue honoring someone thus who has very publicly breached the most fundamental Rhodes values.”

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In addition to taking issue with Barrett’s views of abortion, the alumni also raised concerns about her SCOTUS votes concerning school prayerclimate change, and gun rightsAs such, the group stated that it would judge Barrett’s adherence to the Honor Code based on her “written, rather than spoken, word.”

The group then labeled her as one of the “biggest current threats to our fundamental rights, the stability of our nation, and our democracy.”

“Moreover, as Rhodes alumni who pledged the same fealty to ‘truth, loyalty, and service’ as she did, we find her actions to be a clear – and perhaps history’s most destructive to date – violation of the Honor Code we all hold dear,” the group stated. 

Rhodes College declined to comment on the request to remove Barrett from the Hall of Fame, but told Campus Reform that honorees are “chosen by their peers” based on their “individual merit, leadership in student activities, service to others, and overall contributions to the campus community.”

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The petition concludes by linking to an abortion fund sponsoring the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP). The fund was created by Rhodes College alumni who originally began their fight against Barrett in 2020. 

The description states that they “knew the day would come when she would play an integral role in curtailing our most fundamental civil rights.”

The fund has raised upwards of $2,900 and will sponsor mail-in abortion pills, clinical abortions, out-of-state travel, and abortion access for minors.

Campus Reform contacted Rhodes College, the ACB Fund for Access, and WRRAP for comment and made the best effort to contact RCARR. This article will be updated accordingly.

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