Pro-abortion protesters harass pro-life activists

TFP Student Action volunteers were allegedly harassed while recently advocating for pro-life policies at George Mason University.

John Ritchie, Director of Student Activities at TPF, told Campus Reform that 'it was an ugly situation' at the Fairfax, Virginia, university.

TFP Student Action volunteers were allegedly harassed while recently advocating for pro-life policies at George Mason University. 

John Ritchie, Director of Student Activities at TPF, told Campus Reform that “it was an ugly situation” at the Fairfax, Virginia, university. 

“We never imagined that the peaceful effort to save innocent lives could illicit so much rage,” Ritchie stated.

He continued, “When the other side lost the debate, the abortion activists used the tool of the loser, which is extreme and uncontrolled rage. So, they pretty much unmasked themselves with the assault and the harassment.”

“The incident confirms that college campuses are ground-zero in the battle between truth and error, right and wrong, pro-life and pro-death,” Ritchie concluded.

The group reports on its website that pro-abortion students formed a 200-person group with some chanting “I want to kill all babies.” 

“At least two individuals spat at TFP volunteers, and others shredded TFP flyers and littered the sidewalk,” the group states. “One individual ate a TFP flyer, ripping pieces off and stuffing them into his mouth.”

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Ritchie told Campus Reform that TFP volunteers responded by “praying the rosary,” and that “the prayer was an excellent tool to send off the aggressors and keep calm in such a tense situation.”

Campus Reform also spoke with Kevin Romans, a TFP volunteer, about his altercation with a protester who allegedly tried to rip a megaphone from his hand.

 “After I was attacked, my resolve to continue defending the unborn only got stronger,” Romans said. “Now I am committed to visit more college campuses to promote moral values.”

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Explaining why TFP volunteers continue to go to campuses despite the harassment, Ritchie said, “We have an obligation to stand up for the innocent.”

In September Campus Reform obtained video exposing a pro-abortion GMU student allegedly stalking the Students for Life chapter at GMU. 

After GMU Students for Life members hung pro-life flyers, pro-abortion students petitioned to suspend the chapter. 

Campus Reform contacted George Mason University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.