Pro-abortion student group hosts 'How to Talk About Abortion' event, ends with uterus piñata

On October 13, Oakland University’s chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, 'Grizzlies for Choice,' hosted a 'How to Talk About Abortion' event.

'It is important to refrain from using gendered terms, because more people have the ability to carry a pregnancy than just women,' the group's Vice President said.

Oakland University’s chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, “Grizzlies for Choice,” hosted a “How to Talk About Abortion” event on October 13. The purpose of the event was to learn “how to talk about abortion in a way that is inclusive and doesn’t perpetuate harmful stigma.” 

Participants were also invited to “make some fun crafts!”

Grizzlies for Choice’s “biggest goal is to educate students on the world of reproductive freedom and health” and to “[k]eep abortion safe and legal.”

At the Rochester, Michigan event, students were encouraged to take coloring pages, condoms, and educational materials provided by Planned Parenthood, The Oakland Post reported.

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Grizzlies for Choice President Mags Rose reportedly opened the event by stating “This is a safe space. We welcome individuals of all identities and beliefs, but if they become distrustful, we will ask them to leave.”

Another point emphasized during the meeting by the club’s Vice President, Katie Kraemer, was that abortion shouldn’t be discussed using language that only refers to women.

“It is important to refrain from using gendered terms, because more people have the ability to carry a pregnancy than just women. Through gender swaps — such as using the phrase ‘reproductive rights’ instead of ‘women’s rights’ — we can correct this issue,” The Oakland Post reported Kraemer as saying.

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To conclude the night, students hit a uterus-shaped piñata and were urged to vote “yes” on Michigan’s Proposal 22-3, a state constitutional amendment that would allow unregulated, unlimited abortion in Michigan.

In April, the club hosted events such as “Not Your Grandma’s Sex Ed”, where a Planned Parenthood representative presented on “safe sex habits” and birth control, also providing “safe sex kits.”

In another event on Oct. 27, the club hosted a “Sexual Wellness Carnival” where students learned about sexual wellness resources offered on campus and had the chance to “win prizes.”

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