Pro-abortion students counter-protest 'Cemetery of the Innocents' display

Pro-abortion students counter-protested a 'Cemetery of the Innocents' display at the University of Wyoming.

One protester reportedly lied about her interaction with the pro-life chapter.

University of Wyoming pro-abortion students counter-protested Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) “Cemetery of the Innocents” display.

One student stole three crosses from the display to “commemorate” her abortions. She reportedly lied to campus security and the campus newspaper and alleged SFLA students told her to “abort herself.”

Video of the interaction showed the claim to be false, SFLA reported.

“I can only imagine the experiences and pain she’s gone through,” SFLA Field Operations Manager Lori Cascio told Campus Reform. Cascio was present during the interaction with the protesters.

“I let her know about post-abortive healing resources, because the anger in her was obvious,” Cascio said. ”She came back later with friends, who were quick to mock, make assumptions, and refuse conversation. They stood at a short distance facing us while holding signs.”

A photo obtained by SFLA show six people holding pro-abortion signs, one of which stated “Abortion Access Saves Lives.”

As a group that frequently struggles with free speech issues, we are happy to give them the space to counter us, so long as the ability for us to share our message isn’t prevented,” Cascio stated. “We welcomed a conversation, but the opposition was unwilling to hold meaningful dialogue.”

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The Cemetery of the Innocents event brings attention to the number of abortions performed each day. 1,666 crosses are staked into the group to honor each unborn life.

SFLA Staff Writer Caroline Wharton told Campus Reform that the display “was to remind students that although Roe v. Wade has been reversed, the battle isn’t won yet.” 

“Many preborn babies are still killed in the womb today, and now that our states have won back much more power in this decision, it is the duty of our officials to create life-affirming laws,” she said.

SLFA conducted the activism event on multiple campuses this semester. The tour kicked off at Faulkner University late October. SFLA reported it was well received.

Campus Reform, however, has reported on a number of incidents where the displays have been subjected to vandalism.

A display at the College of William & Mary earlier this semester was vandalized by pro-abortion students, footage obtained by Campus Reform showed.

One pro-life student leader at the University of Missouri- Saint Louis called for open dialogue on campus after his chapter’s display was vandalized last spring.

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Campus Reform has reported multiple incidents where UW students have aggressively espoused liberal beliefs.

In May, UW graduates reportedly booed a U.S. senator off the stage during the school’s spring commencement ceremony after she stated that there are only “two sexes, male and female.”

This fall, UW’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority accepted its first male into its sisterhood.

Campus Reform has contacted the University of Wyoming, the campus police, and Faulkner University and will update accordingly.