Pro-abortion vandalism reported near universities as pro-life students face harassment

Many protests have been peaceful, but there are reports of vandalism across the country including two incidents near Portland State University and Colorado State University.

Campus Reform has reported extensively on vandalism that has impacted to abortion debate on college campuses.

After news broke on May 2 that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion activists have protested, demonstrated, and voiced their opposition to the potential news. 

Many protests have been peaceful, but there are reported incidents of vandalism across the country. In at least two incidents, such property destruction occurred in the vicinity of college campuses. 

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After a rally for abortion hosted at Portland State University, multiple businesses near the campus were reported to have been damaged by activists. 

Local news outlet KION6 reported that the riot was “separate” from the on-campus gathering, but one of the two groups responsible did interrupt the students’ demonstration.

The two groups of rioters dressed in all-black attire.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who regularly reports on Antifa activity and riots, summarized the night in a Twitter thread that included photos and videos of the activists attempting to create an “autonomous zone:”

In Fort Collins, Colorado, St. John XXIII parish was vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti on May 7. The church was covered in spraypainted messages including “My Body My Choice” and an “A” that allegedly stands for anarchy. Glass panels were also shattered on the outside of the building.

The incident is reportedly being investigated as bias-motivated. The church is located approximately one mile from Colorado State University (CSU) and is attended by many people in the CSU community, according to Catholic News Agency. 

Off college campuses, reports of vandalism and destruction in churches, resource centers, and pro-life offices have increased since the leak was announced.

 Churches in Houston and Boulder were targeted since the May 2 leak.

In Madison, Wisconsin, police are investigating reports of arson and vandalism at Wisconsin Family Action- a non-profit organization that supports the right to life. Police found a Molotov cocktail on the scene, however, it failed to ignite.

Photos of the vandalism reveal a spraypainted message on the side of the building that threatens the organization, reading “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.” 

The same sentiment has been applied by pro-choice activists around the nation’s capital as protesters flock to Supreme Court justice’s homes to oppose the anticipated vote.

In response, the United States Senate passed a bill on May 9 to extend security to the immediate family of the targeted justices. 

The Supreme Court Police Parity Act will be reviewed and voted on in the House and currently has bipartisan support.

Similarly, activists painted graffiti on a pregnancy resource center in Virginia. Activists wrote the words “Fake Clinic,” “Liars,” and “Abortion Is A Right” on the walls of the Life First pregnancy resource center.

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Additionally, pro-choice activists continue to hurl insults at students who express pro-life views. 

On May 4, pro-life students at Harvard University bore the brunt of pro-choice outrage on campus.

According to Catholic News Agency, pro-life students were antagonized as they stood in defense of the unborn and were “subjected to a slew of insults and obscenities.” Harvard Right to Life was on campus to counter-protest a 70-student rally opposing the court’s alleged ruling.

One opponent reportedly referred to the chapter as the “Harvard Virgins Club” while another accused the students of trying to make all students “Jesus freaks.”

The pro-life students responded to the insults by shouting back phrases including “God bless you” and “We love you guys.”

Campus Reform has reported extensively on the high degree of on-campus disruption that pro-choice students have caused over the year.

Last week, Students for Life at the University of Missouri- Saint Louis reported that their pro-life display was vandalized despite organizing shifts for students to watch the setup. 

Chapter president Thomas Cotrowske told Campus Reform that students may have gotten the chance to damage the display during a lapse in the watch. 

According to Cotrowske, the group is working with the Dean of Students to establish a plan to prevent their property from being damaged in future events, however, the best solution thus far is to consistently monitor any display on campus.

Campus Reform also tracked two other instances of vandalism on campus during the spring semester in California at Clovis Community College and California Polytechnic State University.

At Eastern Michigan University, pro-choice activists vandalized a pro-life display in April by covering up a pro-life message with a drawing of a dead baby and the words “I love abortion / Love, Jesus. Happy Easter.”

Last semester, tensions ran high at the University of North Texas as a pro-choice mob disrupted a pro-life vigil with megaphones and a drum set. Pro-choice students mocked the pro-life students by yelling “F*** your God” and admitted to loving “sacrificing children.”

Campus Reform contacted every organization mentioned in this article and will update accordingly.

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