Pro-life club faces vandalisms on campus, administration remains silent

A Students For Life chapter at Miami University has dealt with multiple acts of vandalism of its signs on campus.

According to chapter leaders, several hundred of their posters & flags in total have been destroyed or thrown away.

The Miami University Students for Life is alleging that its pro-life display on campus was vandalized and destroyed by other students.

The Students For Life chapter at Miami University in Ohio filed complaints with the Miami University administration and the university police department but says that no action has been taken.

Alli Lowe, a member of the SFL chapter told Campus Reform that the group’s sign promoting an event, titled, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion” was vandalized in spring 2020, recalling that other people attached pro-abortion messages to the poster, which stated, “any argument against a woman’s bodily autonomy is inherently anti-feminist.”

A student later posted to an Instagram story a picture of the vandalism, writing “’Feminists for life’ can suck my a**. You aren’t feminists, you’re dipsh**s.”

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Lowe told Campus Reform that the university was silent, even though she tried to reach out to administrators.

“I reached out to multiple members of the administration who refused to do anything. Nothing was resolved about this either through the police department or the administration despite my reaching out to multiple administration members,” Lowe said.

In October, the alleged vandalism continued as the club set up its annual “Cemetery of Innocents” display, placing an estimated 500 pink flags in the ground in remembrance of the nearly 1 million babies aborted annually. 

Lowe provided photos to Campus Reform which showed the flags in a nearby trash can.

Miami University SFL by Campus Reform on Scribd

”We used to have crosses that were hammered into the ground, and during the middle of night someone would always destroy the display,” Johnny Giroux, a member of SFL said. “We would come back in the morning and see our crosses in the trash can, our signs ripped in half.”

Lowe stated that they filed a complaint with the Office of Community Standards as well as a police report, but said that no action has so far been taken.

”The administration promised me they would be making changes to prevent this from happening time and time again, yet there is still no action being taken that I am aware of. They continually promise to implement stricter punishments or begin programs to change the culture at Miami, but these promises have become meaningless and empty,” Lowe said.

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Lowe also accused the university of failing to protect student’s Constitutional rights.

“It is incredibly sad that this administration refuses to protect the constitutional rights of their students and they are unable to apparently enforce their own Code of Love and Honor. This administration preaches tolerance and diversity daily, yet when that tolerance applies to an organization outside their way of thinking, tolerance and diversity go out the window,” Lowe added.

Students For Life Regional Coordinator Jordan Moorman confirmed in an email to Campus Reform that investigations are ongoing.

”It’s a very sad event, and there is an ongoing police and university investigation. The cemetery of the innocent has also resulted in multiple cases of online harassment. This is indicative of a constant pattern of harassment toward pro-lifers merely trying to peacefully share a message. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised,” Moorman said.

Miami University’s Office of Community Standards did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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