Pro-life display parts stolen, students say (VIDEO)

A pro-life display at Michigan State University was torn down, according to students.

The Morning Watch student newspaper spoke with the students and obtained video of part of the incident.

Editor’s note: This story first appeared on The Morning Watch. It has been republished with permission.


A pro-life display: “Cemetery of the Innocents” at Michigan State University was damaged, parts stolen, and pro-lifers targeted. 

The Morning Watch collected a video and testimonies from three eyewitnesses.

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The display, placed by Protect Life at MSU, included 927 red flags and two large signs. The signs indicated each flag represented 1,000 lives, totaling 927,000 abortions performed in the U.S. annually. 

On October 9, the display was first threatened by a groundskeeper alleging the group was littering and did not have permission. After he took two large display signs, a Protect Life at MSU member threatened to call the police. The groundskeeper then left.

The group did have permission for the display. 

Moments later, a female student proceeded to take several flags and a display sign. Confronting the student, “refusing to stop or give them back...she threw them in the trash can,” Protect Life member Grant Layle told The Morning Watch

The sign was recovered and the police were notified. 

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Only a few minutes went by, where according to two members, a female student on rollerblades pulled one of the two display signs. She fled the scene with the sign. 

Another batch of flags was pulled out by two girls who held a piece of paper to “to talk about the foster care system instead of abortion or something like that,” recollected a Protect Life member at the display. 

In addition, a male student reportedly trampled through flags as he walked by.  

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