Pro-life memorials vandalized at two California universities

Two California pro-life memorials were vandalized at the start the spring semester.

Vandalism against pro-life displays is a recurring problem at colleges and universities.

Leftist vandalism struck early this semester as two pro-life memorials were disrupted at two California colleges.

The Clovis Community College Young American’s for Freedom chapter was the first to report an incident regarding its “A Pro-Life Project” flag display that represented the number of abortions performed every day.

Pictures submitted to Young Americans for Freedom show the 2,363 white flags that were placed in the ground, as well as a blue sign offering resources to expectant mothers. 

”If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Right to Life of Central California,” the sign read.

However, the sign was allegedly stolen soon after the display was arranged.

Clovis’ Director of Marketing and Communication Stephanie Babb told Campus Reform that she printed a new sign for the club to use after she had been made aware of its disappearance. 

The original sign was later returned, according to Babb. Surveillance cameras did not extend to the location in question. 

Babb provided Campus Reform with a statement sent by President Lori Bennett to administrators stating, “The exhibit by the soccer field outside AC1 is an approved ‘free speech’ event organized by a recognized CCC student club. This means the student club has followed the appropriate approval process to use that space.”

Bennett expanded on the school’s free speech policy, noting that a “free speech space” is required but does not represent the views of the university.

However, the chapter isn’t convinced.

Chapter President Alejandro Flores told Campus Reform that this act of vandalism isn’t exclusive.

”The incident that occurred last month isn’t the first time our YAF chapter has been the target of vandalism,” Flores said.” Last semester within a two-month span we had four separate incidents in which our YAF chapter’s flyers were destroyed/stolen.”

According to Flores, the left’s intolerance is an attempt to stile political discourse on campus.

”I think the theft of our YAF chapters sign shows the intolerance of the leftist[s] on our campus when it comes to discussing the prevalent issues of our time. By stealing our chapter’s sign, [t]he left attempt[ed] to shut down discussion of an important and complex issue,” she stated. 

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YAF Chapter Vice President Juliette I. Colunga echoed similar concerns, adding that the outrage stems from “hatred or anger” toward the organization and its mission.

”We believe the sign was stolen because of opposition to our Young Americans for Freedom chapter and a disregard for the value of unborn human lives, which our display advocated for,” Colunga said. 

She added, “It is very sad that someone would be so antagonistic to the idea of protecting life in the womb and so hostile to YAF that they would feel the need to go the lengths of vandalizing our property and stealing our sign in order to oppose the message our display sent.”

Additionally, a video surfaced that apparently recorded pro-choice activists stomping on pink crosses planted in a pro-life demonstration at California Polytechnic State University. 

The university’s College Republicans chapter had arranged the display. 

Posted by the Twitter account @libsoftiktok, a handful of students can be seen walking on the crosses to crush the display. Later in the video, more students lent a hand to the destruction by actively pulling the flags from the ground, leaving them discarded.

The California College Republicans issued a press release regarding the incident, stating:

”On February 1st, the Cal Poly College Republicans and their pro-life subcommittee set up a demonstration table and 972 miniature pink crosses on their campus to represent the babies murdered by Planned Parenthood everyday [sic].”

In the release, the statement noted the organization’s registration status was “conveniently” frozen following the interaction.

University Media Relations Director Matt Lazier clarified to Campus Reform that the organization’s status was frozen early Feb. 1, prior to the event. However, Lazier said that status was due to academic eligibility and not in relation to the display.

William Donahue, chairman of the California College Republicans, said in the statement, “This is a disgusting attack on the pro-life movement by radical, intolerant, pro-abortion students and administrators.”

Donahue reaffirmed the California CR’s support for the chapter, and noted that the administration “should be ashamed of themselves.”

Lazier told Campus Reform that the school acted promptly to protect freedom of speech for both parties, stating:

Lazier further accounted that one report of vandalism was reported to the Cal Poly Police, however, alleged the situation had been resolved after responding to the scene. The report was referred to the Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities.

Vandalism of pro-life displays occurs regularly on college campuses.

During the fall semester, pro-choice students tore down crosses from a pro-life display at Pepperdine University. When pressed as to why they were vandalizing crosses at a Christian school, one student responded that he was “not a Christian.”

A vigil for the unborn at the University of North Texas was recently disrupted by outraged opponents. Equipped with a drum set and megaphones, the activists attempted to insult the pro-life students by shouting “F**k your God” and “I love sacrificing children.”

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The 2022 March for Life welcomed “tens of thousands” to the nation’s capital to advocate for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. With a conservative majority on the court, and arguments being heard by the Supreme Court that challenges the precedent, anticipation is high about the fate of abortion in America.

At the state level, states such as Texas and Ohio have implemented laws that restrict abortion access within state lines. 

Texas imposed a ban on abortions after 6 weeks of gestation and grants the ability for citizens to sue abortion providers and those who assist with abortion due to violating the state law.

In Ohio, the “Born-Alive” bill extends protections to babies born alive during failed abortion attempts. 

Additionally, the bill severed ties between abortion clinics and universities by prohibiting physicians employed by a state-funded educational institution to partner with a clinic. Governor DeWine signed the bill into law in December.

Editor’s Note: Campus Reform followed up with Babb after publication. Flores told Campus Reform that ”the original sign was never return[ed].” Babb responded with the statement, “I did see the sign put back at the display as I went to check on the display myself to be sure it was ok.”

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