Pro-Life student group exposes Christian universities with ties to Planned Parenthood

Students for Life has released a map of 25 universities who have extremely friendly ties with Planned Parenthood.

Some schools reportedly cut ties with planned parenthood after being contacted by Students for Life.

Students for Life of America, a pro-life organization that aims to “recruit, train, and mobilize the pro-life generation to abolish abortion,” recently released a list of Christian universities with ties to Planned Parenthood.

The group announced in a press release that they investigated over 700 colleges and universities, 100 of which had ties to Planned Parenthood. According to the release, the 100 schools are related to Planned Parenthood through “advertising Planned Parenthood internships and career postings, referring students to Planned Parenthood as a resource, incorporating Planned Parenthood into medical school rotations, or hosting events for students with the abortion giant.”

“There is an unholy partnership between a number of Christian schools and the abortion industry,” said Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America in the press release, “but Students for Life is mobilizing pro-life advocates nationwide to cut ties with the nation’s number one abortion vendor.”

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Students for Life found that 25 universities have extremely friendly ties with Planned Parenthood. Some even list Planned Parenthood as a “trusted resource” on their website.

The pro-life group is in the process of compiling a comprehensive map that details the Christian schools supporting abortion, documented by red flags, and the Christian schools who have cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

After conducting itsinvestigation, Students for Life sent formal letters to schools with ties to Planned Parenthood urging them to “kick the abortion giant to the curb.” Since the letters were received, a handful of universities have cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Students for Life calls these “Christian School Victories” and documents these schools on the map with purple, rather than red, flags. The site gives many examples, such as “Lubbock Christian University, a school affiliated with the churches of Christ in Texas, agreed to remove Planned Parenthood from their website as a resource to students.”

“Our hope is that the schools that remain on our list will learn from this example and cut ties with the nation’s biggest seller of abortions… which clearly has no place within a Christian institution,” says an article on the Students for Life website.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Hawkins explained the difficulties of establishing a Students for Life chapter on many private Christian university campuses.

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“The hardest places for us to start a Students for Life group is often on a private school campus and particularly Christian school campuses where … we don’t have the same First Amendment rights as you would on a public school to be able to a launch a Students for Life, pro-life group on campus,” Hawkins said.

Students for Life plans to release an in-depth report on the schools found to have ties with Planned Parenthood later this year. In the meantime, colleges and universities will be added or removed from the map as more information becomes available.

Hawkins said in the interview that there will be “two more waves of schools” before the SFLA publishes the comprehensive report, which will most likely be in August or September.

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