Pro-lran law professor reportedly celebrates Hamas terrorists' murder of Jewish families, babies

Nina Farnia is an associate professor at Albany Law School who has allegedly posted 'Long live the Palestinian resistance.'

The X account StopAntiSemitism is calling out Albany Law Professor Nina Farnia for “justifying the rape, torture, and butchering of Israelis.” 

”Long live the Palestinian resistance,” Farnia reportedly wrote in on X. “As the Biden admin builds more walls at US borders, the people of the world are rising up & tearing walls down.” 

On Saturday, Hamas terrorists broke through the fence separating Gaza from southern Israel and killed approximately 1,200 civilians, including 40 babies they decapitated. 

Campus Reform investigated the screenshot and it appears Farnia deleted the Oct. 10 post and referred to subsequent fallout in an Oct. 11 post. 

”This morning, I woke up to death threats on twitter [sic]...not to mention censorship and suppression of speech,” the post reads. 

Hamas receives material and political support from Iran, and the terrorist group worked with the latter to execute the attacks. 

Farnia has a history of sharing pro-Iranian content on X including rhetoric that feeds into Holocaust denial, which the Iranian regime perpetuates. 

On Aug. 23, Farnia appeared happy that BRICS, an economic alliance of emerging economic powers, invited Iran to join the group. 

Sanctions against Iran have hampered the country’s ability to fund global terrorism. Conservative lawmakers argue that the Biden administration’s recent $6 billion prisoner exchange deal with Iran played a factor in Saturday’s atrocities. 

The law professor also liked a Sept. 29 post that accused the “US government” of “rewriting the history of the Holocaust” because Nazis killed more Russian soldiers in battle than Jews in concentration camps. 

The liked post was a requote of Secretary Anthony Blinken commemorating the murder of “34,000 Jews at Babyn Yar” during World War II.