Prof arrested for bludgeoning Trump supporters with bike lock

A former professor has been arrested and charged with brutally beating three people with a bike lock while breaking up a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley last month.

Eric Clanton, a former professor at Diablo Valley College in California, has been arrested in connection with a vicious attack at a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley last month.

Clanton was arrested on “three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury,” The East Bay Times reports. He is being held on a $200,000 bail.

Clanton stands accused of brutally assaulting three individuals with a U-shaped bicycle lock while disrupting a pro-Donald Trump rally in Berkeley, California on April 15 as part of a mob of anti-Trump “antifascists” (a.k.a., “antifa”).

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The clash quickly turned violent, and a video subsequently emerged of a masked antifa protester smashing a metal bike lock over a man’s head. The man was badly injured and bleeding profusely from the head, and while police were able to administer first aid and escort him from the scene, the assailant was not immediately apprehended.

A (graphic) video of the alleged assault can be viewed here.

After the clip went viral, internet forums identified the attacker as Eric Clanton, a former philosophy professor at Diablo Valley College, but police now believe that Clanton bludgeoned several other Trump supporters, as well, according to The Washington Times.

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During his time at Diablo Valley, Breitbart reports that Clanton’s primary academic interests were “mass incarceration and the prison system” and “restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective,”

Clanton’s OKCupid page also reportedly said that "I spend a lot of time thinking about REVOLUTION.”

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