Prof calls National Guard 'occupying forces'

A North Carolina professor directly condoned media bias against "fascism."

She also referred to the U.S. military being called in to mitigate riots as “occupying forces.”

North Carolina State University physics professor Katie Mack characterized National Guard forces deployed to Los Angeles to mitigate violent riots as “occupying forces.”

In response to a tweet claiming that the Los Angeles convention center resembles a military base, Mack tweeted that it has become the “headquarters of the occupying forces.”

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In the same thread, she responded to a tweet lamenting about the heavy policing presence apparent in Los Angeles amidst the riots. 

“A dispatch from within occupied Los Angeles,” Mack wrote.

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The following day Mack, expressed her approval for media bias. 

“I’m not a journalism expert or anything but I’m pretty sure that if the ‘other side’ is blatant fascism it’s okay to present just the one side,” she wrote.  While Mack does not directly state who the “other side” is,  her previous tweets exhibit contempt for “Republicans.”

Mack did not respond to Campus Reform in time for publication.

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