PROF. GIORDANO: Brave new world: The totalitarian attempt to reeducate Jordan Peterson

Over the last several years, there have been endless examples of people being forced out for not subscribing to groupthink and challenging the ‘guardians of righteousness.’

Nicholas Giordano is a professor of Political Science, the host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast, and a fellow at Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellowship. With 2 decades of teaching experience and over a decade of experience in the emergency management/homeland security arena, Professor Giordano is regularly called on to speak about issues related to government, politics, and international relations.


It is not enough to shame, silence, and destroy the livelihoods of those who dare to go against accepted narratives. Now, those who do not conform to the groupthink mentality must be ‘deprogrammed’ and ‘re-educated.’ The totalitarian attempt to re-educate Jordan Peterson is the latest example. This poison infects nearly every institution, including academia, and it must be rejected.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario, the governing body for Psychologists and Psychological Associates in Canada, is threatening Dr. Jordan Peterson. Either Dr. Peterson submits to a re-education on proper social media usage, or he risks losing his license. The College stated that Dr. Peterson “lacked professionalism in public statements made on social media, and during a January 25, 2022, [Joe Rogan] podcast appearance.”

What exactly were Dr. Peterson’s social media crimes? In one tweet, Dr. Peterson had the nerve to call for an end to the draconian COVID decrees, including mask mandates and lockdowns. 

He called on authorities to “leave people alone and let them get on with their lives.” In another tweet, he dared to call emperor Trudeau a “puppet.” In another social media post, he mocked New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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There are more posts, but they are all similar where Dr. Peterson calls out and criticizes political leaders in charge of developing governing policies. According to these authoritarians, that is the crime. Dr. Peterson has a large platform and uses it to challenge the prevailing narratives of those in power. While the College of Psychologists attempts to pitifully argue that these posts are “horrific” and intended to spread “misinformation,” they reveal the farce they are.

Dr. Peterson has rightly taken the fight to the governing board of the College of Psychologists. He has chosen to combat this tyrannical effort in the Canadian courts and the court of public opinion, but this goes beyond Dr. Peterson. 

Over the last several years, there have been endless examples of people being forced out for not subscribing to groupthink and challenging the ‘guardians of righteousness.’ As the College of Ontario proves, the worst offender is higher education. Whether in the United States, Canada, or other western countries, the message is clear: Comply with our positions or risk having your reputation and career destroyed.

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Unfortunately, there are an endless list of examples. Just look at the recent firing of adjunct professor Erika López Prater by Hamline University. Bret Weinstein and his spouse, Heather Heying were forced out of Evergreen State College professor. Jason Kilborn was suspended by the University of Illinois Chicago. UC Irvine fired Dr. Aaron Kheriaty after refusing to comply with the school’s vaccine mandate and challenging the policy. Concordia University suspended Dr. Gregory Schulz for criticizing the University’s move toward wokism. Princeton University fired Dr. Joshua Katz after he wrote criticizing “anti-racism” policies. 

These are just a few examples that underscore how radical institutions have become. It seems as if higher education no longer values questions, debate, and dissent. Only groupthink, obedience, and submission will be tolerated. 

These authoritarians continue to use their positions of power to target those who pose a threat to their narrow-minded points of view or violate their amorphous code of conduct and speech. Courage, not cowardice, will be the only thing that can end this brave new world. 


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