Prof gives extra credit for attending drag show event

A professor at MiraCosta College offered her Anthropology 102 students extra credit to attend an on-campus LGBT-ed Talk featuring oral presentations and a drag show.

Alexis Tucker-Sade posted the option on her website, encouraging students to attend the November 17 event and receive extra credit class points for doing so.

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According to the assignment, the LGBT-ed Talk featured 11 different speakers to address “hetero-normative sexual education, the importance of a Pride center on campus, internalized homophobia, and much more.”

Following the presentations, the description advertised that “entertainment will be provided in the form of drag performances, dance sets, and other types of artistic expression.”

The LGBT-ed Talk with the drag show is one of several extra credit options for the course, including a “Social Justice Symposium” and a lecture on climate change.

According to the information regarding the Social Justice Symposium, the event entails “student presentations, art, and performances on topics related to Social Justice.”

Some students are unhappy about the extra credit offerings, arguing that they might appeal to liberals, but not to conservatives.

“It isn’t fair that conservative students have a teacher that forces her political views on the class,” one student in the class told Campus Reform on condition of anonymity.

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In order for the students to receive extra credit for attending the LGBT-ed Talk, they had to stay for a mandatory of at least two hours, as well as write a typed, one-page report on what they learned from the event, including how it relates to the course.

On the assignment, Tucker-Sade noted to the class that she would personally be attending the LGBT-ed Talk.

Campus Reform reached out to Tucker-Sade for elaboration on the extra credit options, but did not receive a response.

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