Prof supports accosting public figures

A professor at Louisiana Tech tweeted that 'public figure should be accosted when their 'political persuasion' is fascism.'

Earlier this month, the same professor tweeted in support of Rand Paul's attacker before deleting the post and claiming the message was a joke.

A professor from Louisiana Tech University tweeted that every public figure should be accosted for what he views as fascism. 

Drew McKevitt, an associate professor of History at LA Tech, replied to a tweet about a person confronting Fox News host Tucker Carlson at a store, signaling that he deserved to be accosted.

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“For the record *every* public figure should be accosted when their ‘political persuasion’ is fascism,” McKevitt said.

McKevitt declined to tell Campus Reform whom else he considers a fascist.

On July 20, McKevitt, in a since-deleted tweet said ”Where do I donate to Rand Paul’s neighbor’s senate campaign,” according to Townhall.

Rand Paul’s neighbor, Rene Boucher, was found guilty of assaulting Sen. Paul in 2017, who suffered broken ribs from the incident. The senator also said that he had pneumonia several times after the incident, and had to have a hernia surgery, according to NBC News.

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After deleting the tweet, McKevitt said that the tweet was a “Joke.”

Campus Reform reached out to LA Tech for comment and the article will be updated accordingly. 

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