Prof urges Biden: Don’t cede the term ‘election integrity’ to 'racist' 'right-wing rabble-rousers'

On the Drew University website, faculty offered their advice for the Biden-Harris administration in the areas of social justice, COVID-19, the economy, and more.

One professor of religious studies urged Biden to not “cede the term ‘election integrity’ to racists, Christian supremacists, and other right-wing rabble-rousers.”

Faculty at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey took to the university’s official website to offer their advice for the new Biden-Harris administration in the areas of social justice, COVID, the economy, and more.

Associate Professor of American Religious Studies J. Terry Todd offered the following message to President Joe Biden: “Don’t cede the term ‘election integrity’ to racists, Christian supremacists, and other right-wing rabble-rousers.” 

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Todd mentioned that the president is entering office during a “time of division, confusion, and even violence” and pleaded with him to “use the bully pulpit of the presidency to support federal and state efforts to bring more and more voters into the political process.”

Other professors also used the university’s platform to take a few thinly-veiled jabs at former President Donald Trump. 

Assistant Professor of Political Science Sangay Mishra specifically weighed in on immigration. He said the Biden administration should take immediate steps when it comes to “looking into reversing the changes made into asylum policy” as “it has become almost impossible to seek asylum in the U.S. for people who are crossing the Southern border.” 

Mishra called for more “critical actions” such as “ensuring that the DACA program is fully back on track” as well as reversing the so-called “Muslim travel ban,” which restricted travel to the U.S. from certain countries with unstable governments, which are also Muslim majority nations.

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Biology Assistant Professor Brianne Barker gave her take on COVID-19. 

Barker recommended that Biden “listen to scientific experts on COVID-19 and public health.” She also praised the president’s appointed advisors in all realms of science, medicine, and public health. Barker expressed that she hopes Biden can be “proactive instead of reactive” in response to future health threats.

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