Professor calls gender-affirming treatments a 'medical atrocity'

Professor speaks up about transgenderism 'we are headed for a catastrophe.'

Medical professor says students are 'terrified' to speak about 'transgender' issues.

Dr. Michael Egnor of the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University (SBU) joined The Federalist’s Culture Editor Emily Jashinky to discuss his article concerning the physical, mental, and ethical harms of gender-affirming medical procedures.

As a professor and neurosurgeon, Egnor shared how those topics are received by students and colleagues in the medical field and expressed how important it was for him to speak out – even within difficult circumstances. 

Jashinky asked about the societal and institutional endorsement of gender-affirming surgeries and medical care.

“We are right in the middle of an extraordinary medical atrocity,” Egnor explained. “I really have come to feel over the past year or two that we are in a very dark episode of medical ethics and medical history.” 

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Students and colleagues, according to Egnor, don’t talk about this subject publicly, “...if they talk to me they come to my office and close the door.” He stated that students self-censor because their chances of a career depend on how they are perceived by superiors and peers. 

Egnor also urged more people within his field to speak out.

“If somebody who has the medical knowledge and position to speak out remains silent, then how can we possibly expect anybody else to stand up and say no,” he stated. 

Social media was also a topic of discussion as Egnor said it “allows all of our old evils to become instantaneous and worldwide,” and that we are headed for an “absolute catastrophe.”

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Egnor told Campus Reform that students can combat this by “speaking out” or “refusing to be a part of the conversation.” 

“You can do all kinds of things just don’t be a part of the lie,” he said. “Never agree to go along with what they say.” 

Campus Reform also spoke with Jashinky about the podcast. She stated Egnor’s perspective was “compassionate and worthy of amplification on an issue so many people with no medical expertise are now wrestling with.“ 

Jashinky also voiced her appreciation that Egnor was willing to have an open discussion about this in “good faith.”

Campus Reform contacted Stony Brook University for comment and will update this article accordingly.