Professor says children should see genitalia of 'various ages' to get used seeing naked trans people in locker rooms

‘Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way,’ Dr. Katja Thieme tweeted.

‘The world will thank you for it. And so will those children when they grow up.’

A University of British Columbia (UBC) journalism professor tweeted that children should see adult genitalia to prepare them for seeing a naked trans person in a locker room.

Dr. Katja Thieme remarked on a video of former NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines talking about her experience competing against and sharing a locker room with University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a male formerly known as William Thomas.

“Hey, want to know one of my all time excellent parenting ideas? Let. Little. Children. See. Penises. And. Vulvas. Of. Various. Ages. And. Sizes. In. A. Casual. Normalized. Totally. Safe. Way,” Thieme tweeted, according to screenshots posted by The Daily Mail.

“The world will thank you for it,” Thieme added. “And so will those children when they grow up.”

Thieme has since locked her Twitter account.

Gaines responded, “You. Are. Deranged. And. Should. Be. In. Prison. I’d tag you, but, naturally, you made your account private. If you need a guest lecturer for you course, let me know. In the meantime, someone should check her search history.”

Gaines, who attended the University of Kentucky, and Thomas tied for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle at the 2022 NCAA Championships. In the men’s division, Thomas’ personal best times in every freestyle event were faster than the women’s world records, even though he only placed in the top 500. But in the women’s division, Thomas led several events. 

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Remarking on the video Gaines had shared, Thieme labeled Gaines a transphobe in July and said, “Gaines gets tearful about the emotional effect it had on her that Thomas was holding the trophy which she had also won,” The Daily Mail reported.

“That’s just whiny. What a sore not-even-loser.”

After Gaines shared a story about 16-year-old Abigail Wheeler from Illinois, who was accused of “hate speech” after protesting the presence of a male in the women’s locker room, Thieme said that women who feel uncomfortable with males in their locker rooms fuel “anti-trans activism.”

“Teenage girl on the swim team sees or claims to have seen a trans person in the nude in the women’s changeroom. Her anti-trans parent or parents kick into high gear,” she tweeted, according to The Daily Mail.

“They lean on coaches: Tell trans folk to change elsewhere. Coach says, no, we can’t, that’s discriminatory.”

“They lean on the club admin: Send a warning message to all members that trans folk are using these facilities. Admin says, hell no, that’s crazy and would be very wrong.”

“They contact Riley Gaines or other transphobes of their choice, they organize protests, events, meetings, hearings, and whatnot.”

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Campus Reform asked the UBC if they will take action against Thieme for promoting exposing children to genitalia of ‘various ages’. A representative from UBC said, “Dr. Katja Thieme has the right to express her views as a private individual, as she did in this instance. The University has no comment on those views.”

Thieme did not respond to a request for comment.