Profs quivering with fear, anger after Trump election

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, some professors have taken to social media to demonize white men and bemoan the racism they see plaguing the country.

“I was already terrified of white men,” one professor at the University of Hartford, Erin Bartram, admitted, but explained that there’s not even “a word to describe how scared I am of them now,” noting that “they are so much worse than” she thought.

“How do I face these students who’ve just seen half of America repudiate their rights, their citizenship, their bodies, their very beings?!” she went on to exclaim.

Several other professors responded to the election of Donald Trump in a likewise predictable fashion, denouncing him as a racist, bigot, and misogynist.

A professor out of Trinity University, for instance, posed for a picture outside of Trump with middle fingers raised, a gesture he said captured the “current mood of all minorities, women, and immigrants.”

One Wellesley professor took things a bit further, predicting that “it might be easier to recover from 9-11 than it is from 11-9,” referring to the day following Trump’s victory, while Rebecca Zietlow, a constitutional law professor at Toledo University, asserted that the Republican Party is now “wedded” to Trump’s apparent “racist, anti-woman, anti-Semitic” message.

“During the campaign, Donald Trump relied on openly racist and anti-woman messages to motivate his supporters,” Zietlow told Campus Reform, providing a lengthy list of examples including “his referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, his proposal to exclude Muslims from the US, his comments to Megyn Kelly,” and the “anti-Semitic innuendo” in his campaign rhetoric.

“Many Republican leaders, such as Paul Ryan, tried to distance themselves from these messages (one time Paul Ryan referred to a Trump remark as "textbook racism"),” she explained. “But now that Trump has been elected president as a member of the Republican Party, he is now their standard bearer and leader. They can no longer distance themselves from his rhetoric, they have to own it.

The lengthiest Trump-bashing of the night, though, came from professor Dan Tagliarina from Utica College, who posted is 14-post rant to his Twitter, saying he is “terrified” of Trump’s “naked, unabashed hate,” before saying the country cannot let democracy result in “hate” and “oppression.”

“Do not let hate, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and everything else prevail. Rule of law and love must win,” he added.

A pair of professors from University College, London also chimed in on America’s election night, with one saying that racism and sexism won the night.

“Uneducated whites [are the] highest category of Trump voters, but [there are] too many educate ones, too,” she contended.

Her colleague, Heidi Safia Mirza, voiced a similar concern, Tweeting that “we need a race class sex intersectional analysis of election” because it’s “scary” that educate white men rallied for Trump.

Campus Reform reached out to each of the professors for comment, but none had responded by press time, apart from Zietlow.

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