Protestors rage at Matt Walsh campus appearance in Texas

Dozens of left-wing students at the University of Houston rallied outside the venue and harassed attendees as, footage obtained by Campus Reform shows.

The crowd chanted 'F**k Matt Walsh' and 'trans rights are human rights.'

Antifa protesters made their appearance known at the University of Houston as they raged against Matt Walsh’s campus speech which followed a screening of his new documentary, “What is a Woman?”

Dozens of left-wing students rallied outside the venue and harassed attendees as they entered the building, footage obtained by Campus Reform shows. 

The crowd chanted “the people united will never be defeated” while holding a black ‘Antifa’ flag, multiple transgender flags, a Pride flag, and multiple homemade signs expressing opposition to Walsh.

“Trans is beautiful, hate has no home here,” one sign read. Another stated “trans men are men.” Others took aim at the Texas university itself, claiming that “Coogs don’t tolerate hate” and demanding “stop transphobia @ UH.”

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Walsh’s speech was organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter in partnership with Young America’s Foundation. It was one stop on a six-campus tour Walsh is commencing during October. 

UH Associate Vice Chancellor for Media Relations Shawn Lindsey told Campus Reform UH does not approve or deny speakers based on viewpoint, per its Freedom of Expression policy.

“UH is committed to upholding the First Amendment and protecting freedom of speech, even if the expression is offensive or disagreeable to some members of our community or in conflict with the core values of the university,” Lindsey said.

The event begins with a screening of the documentary “What is a Woman?,” which follows Walsh’s investigation into transgenderism and gender ideology, followed by remarks.

Lavante Holt, a student at UH and member of the YCT chapter, told Campus Reform that while the protesters did not impact the event’s success, it was a “growing problem” outside the venue.

“A guy ran through the barricade and got tackled,” Holt alleged.

One protester made his way inside, however, he was later arrested. Video obtained by Campus Reform shows the individual allegedly resisting arrest and being forcibly removed from the space. 

The crowd appeared to increase in size as the event began, and continued chants including “F**k Matt Walsh” and “trans rights are human rights.”

Texas State Representative Jon Rosenthal was reportedly amongst the crowd, and is seen on video chanting “U Of H No Place For Hate.”

Mike Moore, YCT chapter chairman, told Campus Reform that the protests were expected, but still disappointing.

“At the end we were ultimately disappointed that they didn’t come to the event [and] engage with the content,” Moore said. “It was our hope that through the movie, through the Q&A with Walsh, we would be able to facilitate good dialogue regarding gender.”

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Tension brewed on campus all week in anticipation of the event. Opponents circulated a petition to pressure the university to cancel the event and claimed it contradicted university values.

“Screening a documentary that effectively erases people’s existence, and promotes an ideology that advocates for such, should not be hosted by a University that prides itself on its diversity, inclusion, and equity,” the petition read.

It amassed a mere 146 signatures.

The YCT chapter also documented attempts by campus leftists to vandalize or remove its event flyers, which had been placed all over campus to advertise the event.

Walsh will continue his tour on Oct. 24 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His last speaking engagement this month will take place on Oct. 27 at the University of Alabama, but additional dates may be added, extending the tour through November.

Campus Reform contacted YAF, campus police, and Rosenthal for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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