PSU editorial: Trump president ‘only of white nationalists’

The editorial board of Penn State University’s student newspaper recently denounced Donald Trump as president “only of white nationalists and racists.”

In a recent staff editorial, the editors of The Daily Collegian rebuke Trump for “politicizing” hate, citing his pardon of Joe Arpaio and his response to the white-supremacist riot in Charlottesville as examples of how he “brings fear to the minorities still living in the United States.”

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“Though pardoning Arpaio is completely legal and allowed, many wonder why Trump would choose to pardon this particular individual and why he would choose to pardon him now, so soon after the  Charlottesville attack,” the editorial contends, later reiterating that the move “begs the question, why so close after Charlottesville, he would choose to pardon Arpaio, a man known for racially profiling Latinos.”

Answering their own question, the editors conclude that “it simply seems that Trump no longer cares about bringing this country together.

“He doesn’t care whether or not what he’s supporting or doing is hurting, insulting, or scaring anyone but instead, seems only to care about the 30 to 40 percent of people who support him,” they continue, surmising that “his political agenda is to please his supporters so that he can get reelected in 2020.”

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To drive the point home, they assert for a third time that “Trump only cares about his supporters and not everyone he represents,” saying that by doing so he is “politicizing hate.”

While they do briefly concede that President Obama “may have made many other questionable pardons,” they insist that this “still does not excuse Trump.”

“His carelessness only brings fear to the minorities still living in the United States, it is not what people and this country need from their president right now,” the editorial concludes. “Trump must start caring for everyone he represents and become the president of everyone in the United States and not only of white nationalists and racists.”

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