PSU women's center holds meetings 'solely' for minority students

Flyers posted on campus advertising a weekly meeting for "Feminists of Color" at Portland State University note that only "people of color" are allowed to attend.

The group is a function of the university's Women's Resource Center and is advertised on the university website.

Portland State University is openly advertising weekly meetings described as being “soley [sic]” for non-white students, according to a tweet from one of the school’s professors.

Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian posted a flyer he found on campus inviting certain students to meetings of the Portland State University “Feminists of Color Collective.” 

The flyer makes clear that only “people of color” are welcome to attend their weekly meetings. “All genders” are welcome, however.

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According to the university website, the collective is “a space for students of color on PSU’s campus to gather in community through story-telling, connection, and exploring dialogue of feminist possibilities,” by way of “deepening understandings of feminist of color theories, expanding feminist praxis, self-reflection and building relationships with peers of color.”

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The collective meets in the Portland State University Women’s Resource Center, an office on campus that is “committed to an ethic of inclusiveness, accessibility, and diversity” and strives to “promote equity and social change through nonviolent activism.” 

The center also promises that it “value[s] the active participation of each member of [the] community,” and seeks to do so by “building a safe, violence-free, sustainable space in which people can know that they matter.”

Campus Reform reached out to the center for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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