Public university to host 'menstruation' celebration

'Menstruation activists' at Ohio University are hosting a 'Red Party' to break down the 'shame' associated with woman’s time of the month.

“Menstruation activists” from Ohio University’s (OU) Women’s Center are hosting a “Red Party” this afternoon to break down the “deep-seated” stigma surrounding a woman’s “time of the month.”

According to The Post Athens, the party will include “crafting, a showing of Red Moon: Menstruation, Culture & the Politics of Gender, and raffles of free alternative menstruation products.”

Sarah Jenkins, program coordinator for the LGBT and Women’s center, says she hopes to make “[participants] a little uncomfortable” and get them “thinking about things that they maybe wouldn’t think about.”

“I think it’s healthy to unlearn some of the shame that we’ve been taught about our menstrual periods and hopefully gain a slightly new perspective,” said Jenkins. “I just think it’s really important to talk about such a big part of our lives that we are usually taught is inappropriate or dirty in a way—even though your menstrual blood is cleaner than your mouth.”

Jenkins says the goal of the event is to “educate” and “celebrate,” while “providing fun facts about menstruation.”

Jenkins told Campus Reform the event is free to attend, but was funded through OU's LGBT and Women's centers.

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