Report reveals UC-Berkeley's 'Equity and Inclusion' budget is $25 MILLION

The University of California Berkeley has a budget allocation of $25 million for its Division of Equity and Inclusion.

According to a report, the majority of the allocation comes from campus and state funds.

A executive search firm revealed that the University of California, Berkeley has a budget of $25 million per year for their Division of Equity and Inclusion.

According to Storbeck Search—a firm hired by UC-Berkeley—the university allocates a budget portfolio of $25 million per year for the Division of Equity and Inclusion. 58% of the budget comes from campus and state funds, 31% from federal and state public service grants, and 11% from philanthropy and public grants. 

“As Berkeley strives towards the ideals of an inclusive, uplifting, anti-racist, and justice-centered campus during this unprecedented time in higher education and in the world, the University seeks a collaborative, solutions-oriented leader and accomplished visionary to serve as the next Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion,” read the program layout.

The university announced on Feb. 18 that Storbeck Search would be assisting with the search for a new Vice Chancellor, Equity & Inclusion.

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According to the firm, the budget “supports more than 150 full- and part-time professional staff who are employed in the Division, as well as about 250 part-time student employees.” 

UC-Berkeley graduate student Allyson Kohen told Campus Reform, she wanted to see more “objective assessments.”

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“I think it is enough for DEI, but I really want to see objective assessments and evaluations on the programs that this DEI budget achieves along the way. I also think that the University’s DEI budget should not go primarily into establishing new DEI admin positions, but more substance oriented,” she said. 

Campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore confirmed to Campus Reform that its budget is $25 million for DEI, but provided no further information. 

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