Report: U of Minnesota spent nearly $200K per football player per year

UM invested $20,688 in academic spending per student for that same year

Figures are based from the most recent data, collected in 2011

A report released earlier this month estimated that the University of Minnesota (UM) spent almost $200 thousand per player according to the most recent data, from 2011 — but only $20,688 in academic spending per equivalent, full-time student for that same year.

UM spent $199,826 for each scholarship football player annually, according to a report released by Knight Commission.

The 2011 figure is up from $107,636 in 2005, according to an article in the Star Tribune.

The calculation includes expenses such as $8,393 for the lodging and meals associated with team travel and $6,510 for equipment. It also factored in $1.92 million in salary and benefits for the head coach, which amounts to $22,556 dollars per player.

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