REPORT: University employees spent time viewing Kardashian bikini pics, celebrity gossip websites while collecting overtime

A ruling from the Washington State Executive Ethics Board last month concluded that two University of Washington (UW) employees inappropriately used state resources to surf celebrity gossip websites – all while receiving overtime pay.

A report indicates university employees received overtime pay while browsing the web for bikini pictures of the Kardashians.

The official review of Stan Ross and Don Hulse’s Internet browser history found the two had spent hours surfing inappropriate content on the web, including bikini shots of the Kardashians and browsing up-and-coming teenage stars on celebrity gossip websites.

The two managed to do all this while collecting thousands of dollars in overtime pay, says the report.

“A lot of the time, it looked like they were surfing the Internet on days where they got paid overtime,” Melanie Deleon, the director of the ethics board, told KOMO News.

“When a person is basically an hourly employee but they get overtime and they’re using that overtime to surf the Internet, to me, that’s more egregious,” she added.

Both Ross and Hulse were reportedly employed at UW’s Fire Alarm Technician Department.

UW did not provide Campus Reform with a spokesperson in time for publication.

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