Republicans propose legislation that would overturn Biden Title IX rule

​Republicans in the House and Senate proposed legislation that would overturn the Biden administration's new Title IX rule.

Republicans in the House and Senate proposed legislation that would overturn the Biden administration’s new Title IX rule.

According to Inside Higher Ed, Republicans in the House Education and Workforce Committee on Thursday passed a resolution that invoked the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to throw out a federal rule within 60 days.

A simple majority of the House and Senate would be needed for the rule to be blocked, but President Biden would be allowed to veto it.

North Carolina representative Virginia Foxx said that the bills “express the commitment of the Committee to enhancing the safety, security, and rights of students, parents, and workers across our nation.”

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Under the new rule, the definition of sex discrimination now includes discrimination based on ‘gender identity’ and sexual orientation. 

Another major change, according to Fox News Digital, is that colleges will not be required to have live hearings that allow cross-examinations through representatives in sexual assault or harassment cases. The students will now be interviewed separately, and each student will be permitted to suggest potential questions and obtain a recording of the response.

The standard of proof in such cases will now be based on “preponderance of the evidence,” except the institution uses a standard of clear and convincing in similar hearings.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona told reporters that the Title IX changes make “crystal clear that everyone can access schools that are safe, welcoming and that respect their rights.”

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”No one should face bullying or discrimination just because of who they are, who they love,” said Cardona. “Sadly, this happens all too often.”