Republicans taunt NYC climate change protesters with giant Reagan cutout

Occupy Wall Street's climate change protests saw some unwelcome guests this afternoon as a group of young Republicans descended upon lower Manhattan with a giant Ronald Reagan cutout.

The counter-protesters, which have been described as "a pair of Young Republicans in blazers and Ray-Bans," infiltrated the #FloodWallStreet gathering Tuesday afternoon and  chanted "[w]e are defending capitalism."

The climate change heckling "bros" are reportedly members of The King's College House of Reagan, a fraternity that "equips and encourages members to be God fearing men of integrity."

Tyler Hinsley told Campus Reform he organized the counter-protest because "someone needed to support free market capitalist ideas." Hinsley said that after joining the climate change protest a female attendee grabbed the Reagan poster and tried to light it on fire. The crowd then proceeded to rip the poster of the 40th President to shreds.

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