Ron Paul: ‘My favorite part of politics' was working with college students

Working with college and university students was a highlight of former-Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Texas) political career, the former presidential candidate said in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session on Thursday.

Paul made the remark in response to a redditor’s question: "What's your favorite part about being a politician?"

Ron Paul answered questions on the social news site Reddit on Thursday.

"My favorite part with politics has been interacting with young people, especially on college campuses,” he said.  

“[T]heir minds are more open to the principles of liberty, they generally are against war, and they understand the importance of following the Constitution," he said.

Paul added that he had often been inspired by like-minded students

"A lot of young people said that I got them interested in politics and in the Constitution, but I would credit them with inspiring me," he said.

Paul, a libertarian, is known for several runs for the presidency and his outspoken support for the free market and deregulation during his years in Congress.  

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