Rutgers anti-Israel group wants divestment, end to ties with Tel Aviv University

The Endowment Justice Collective demanded Rutgers University divest from connections to the Jewish State.

This action is part of a yearslong divestment campaign carried out by university students.

Screenshot taken from Instagram account of Endowment Justice Collective.

An anti-Israel group at Rutgers University in New Jersey pressured the school to divest from the Jewish State on April 2, reported Patch, weeks before the start of the current wave of protests that have gripped the nation’s campuses. 

Endowment Justice Collective sent a document to the university demanding “divestment from any firm or corporation” involved in what they term Israel’s “settler colonialism, apartheid, and genocide of Palestine and the Palestinian people,” as well as “termination of Rutgers’ partnership with Tel Aviv University including within the New Jersey Innovation and Technology Hub.” 

The group announced the sending of the document on its Instagram. 

Companies that the students demanded the university divest from include Amazon, Boeing, General Electric, and Lockheed Martin, as seen in the document. 

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The group’s accusations include blaming Lockheed Martin for being what they call a “direct actor in the genocide of Palestinians through its production of ‘fighter jets, attack helicopters, armored vehicles, missiles, surveillance radars, and other weapon and surveillance systems,’ which are provided to and used mercilessly by the Israeli military.”

The organization is also calling on the university to end its partnership with Tel Aviv University (TAU) because they claim that “[a]ny collaboration which serves to bolster TAU’s reputation, provide it with a public platform, or materially support its operations shores up the legitimacy of an institution which aids and abets Israel’s oppression and genocide of Palestinians.”

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway said that students at the university have been pushing from divestment for several years, reported Patch

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On April 11, the Endowment Justice Collective also shared a call for a “Global Strike” on April 15 on Instagram in order to protest the university’s ties to the Jewish State. The post, which read: “NO CLASSES WHILE RUTGERS FUNDS GENOCIDE,” stated that “[t]here is something truly dystopian as palestinian [sic] students who stand for the justice of our people to be expected to take exams, attend class, and go about ‘normal’ when nothing about the treatment the Rutgers Administration has treated their students is normal.”

“Our university has not only failed to protect us, but has put us at risk,” the group continued. 

Campus Reform has reached out to the Endowment Justice Collective at Rutgers, Rutgers University, and Tel Aviv University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.