Salem State Lavender Graduation will symbolize 'visibility and progress' for LGBT grads

The university claims that the ‘Lavender Graduation . . . serves as a powerful symbol of visibility and progress for the LGBTQ+ community.’

Multiple other schools are planning to hold similar ceremonies.

Salem State University in Massachusetts is hosting a “Lavender Graduation” at the end of the month to recognize what the school claims are the “unique challenges” that LGBTQ-identifying students face. 

“Lavender Graduation is an important event for the Queer community as it recognizes the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ students may face during their academic careers, such as discrimination, bullying, and lack of representation,” states the university’s description page for the event, which will take place on April 29. 

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“Lavender Graduation also serves as a powerful symbol of visibility and progress for the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrating that institutions of higher education are committed to supporting and uplifting Queer individuals,” the event description continues. 

The event organizers are the SSU Alliance and the Center for Justice and Liberation, as the university website states. The Center describes itself as a “comprehensive, collaborative, community space that honors, centers, and advocates for the holistic development and retention of students that are underrepresented, marginalized, and stigmatized due to oppressive structures.”

On May 6, the Center will also host the “ALANA Graduation Ceremony” for “Asian, Latinx, African-American, and Native American” undergraduate students.

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The SSU Alliance claims it is “dedicated to promoting acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community here on campus and in the area. We focus our attention on the students of Salem State University but have never been limited to them.”

The group also claims that it has “branched out from being a social collective to providing education and political activism in Massachusetts.”

“Lavender Graduations” are a growing trend in many institutions of higher education. Campus Reform has reported that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Youngstown State University, Rutgers University, and Harvard University are all planning to host extra graduations for LGBTQ-identifying students.  

Campus Reform has contacted Salem State University, the SSU Alliance, and the Center for Justice and Liberation for comment. This story will be updated accordingly.