San Jose State anti-racism chair ousted after claims she told students to violate policies during anti-Israel encampment

On Kil's Instagram, the professor said she was suspended 'for my Palestine work.'

San Jose State University

San Jose State University has suspended a professor after she allegedly told students to violate university policies during an anti-Israel encampment.

Sang Hea Kil, a Justice Studies professor and former anti-racism chair for the Social Justice Transformation Committee, posted the May 24 suspension letter on her Instagram account. The letter detailed that in addition to allegedly telling students to violate policy, she engaged in harassing and offensive behavior towards colleagues, targeted another employee, and more.

”The basis of this decision is your reported repeated violations - despite notice - of university policies; witnessed and documented reports of unprofessional and exploitative conduct towards students and others including, but not limited to, directing and encouraging students to violate university policies in contradiction to your duties and responsibilities as a faculty member and student advisor, engaging in harassing and offensive conduct and comments directed towards colleagues individually and as a group, targeting at least one colleague and/or a group of colleagues for engaging in their work duties by publicly posting their picture and/or group description with inflammatory comments and creating a risk of harm to them; and activities with and/or directives to students for your own personal interest or gain,” the letter stated.

On Kil’s Instagram, the professor said she was suspended “for my Palestine work,” adding “The fight for academic freedom continues!!!”

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In early May, Kil posted two emails from administrators to her Instagram account which warned her about encouraging students to violate the university’s time, place, and manner policies for protests.

She was placed under investigation on April 25 for allegedly encouraging students to disrupt university operations inside a campus building, according to a letter from the university posted to her Instagram. She was also accused of participating in the disruptive activities herself.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Kil resigned from her position as anti-racism chair of the Social Justice Transformation Committee.

“i am resigning now as co-chair and from all committees in pam. it was an honor to fight side by side with you all against the tragic and painful silence around the genocide we experienced at our campuses. you all inspired me to do more than i ever thought possible and i am so grateful to you all for this shared experience. i wish you the best in your battle for (boycott, divestment and sanctions)  at the csu and cfa. you will be victorious!” she wrote in a letter to colleagues.

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According to the letter, Kil won’t be able to access campus facilities or perform any duties related to her job.

The university told the outlet it doesn’t comment on personnel matters.