The SAT is racist? Why California schools ditched standardized testing requirements.

Peter Cordi breaks down the California State University system's decision to ditch standardized testing in admissions.

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Reporter Peter Cordi breaks down the University of Florida’s “Sexx Events” series featuring a panel of “sex workers” and a ‘sex toy raffle.”

The University of Florida Health Care Center reportedly donated $300 worth of sex toys and contraceptives to the school’s Pride Student Union for the event.

Cordi reacted, “I’m sorry but the school doesn’t need to be donating pink dildos to be raffled off to students, that’s beyond inappropriate.”

Campus Reform’s SUNY Brockport correspondent Sarah Prentice joined Campus Countdown to discuss an event at her school featuring a convicted cop killer who was praised as a “political prisoner” who was jailed for fighting against “white supremacy and capitalist imperialism.”

Additionally, Cordi discussed California State University’s decision to ditch standardized testing in the name of “equity and fairness.”

With the SAT and ACT no longer being considered in the admissions process, the school will be using students’ high school GPA as the primary consideration for admission.

“The point of a standardized test is that it’s supposed to be more objective- everyone takes the same exam covering the same topics at the same difficulty level- but your GPA is dependent on so many subjective factors that vary from school to school, class to class, and teacher to teacher,” Cordi said.

This week’s Woke Tweet of the Week goes to UCLA’s Director of Race and Equity, Jonathan Perkins, who wished death upon Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as he was hospitalized with an infection.

During Justice Thomas’ hospitalization, Perkins Tweeted “No one wants to openly admit [we all] hope Clarence Thomas dies,” going on to say that “This whole rule we’re not to wish ill on people is silly.”

He further called the only black justice on the supreme court a “sexist token” and referred to him as “Uncle Thomas”- racially charged language typically meant to disparage black people.

After facing backlash for his tweets, Perkins doubled down and said, “Clarence Thomas can choke as far as I’m concerned,” claiming the Justice “deserves it for undoing generations of legal civil rights progress.”

Cordi responded, “The irony of UCLA’s director of race and equity wishing for the supreme court’s lone black justice to die and hurling racial epithets in his direction would be laughable if it wasn’t so disturbing.”

“This just goes to show that the people leading the charge for diversity, equity, and inclusion don’t care about minorities who disagree with them on politics in many cases- and in the case of Perkins specifically, he’d rather see a black man die than have his voice represented on the supreme court.”

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