Scholars head into summer touting their anti-gun opinions

Jason Johnson, an associate professor at Morgan State University, tweeted a video clip of his recent appearance on MSNBC, in which he argued that Democrats must vote out 'gun loving terrorists.'

Academics headed into summer this year posting their anti-Second Amendment opinions online. 

For example, Jason Johnson, tweeted a video clip of his recent appearance on MSNBC, in which he argued that Democrats must vote out “gun loving terrorists” and remove “terrible people” from office who overlook mass shootings. 

Johnson is an associate professor of multimedia journalism at Morgan State University and an MSNBC political contributor.

Johnson is not alone, however, in his views. Many other university officials express similar thoughts on guns. Below are some examples. 

Johnathan Perkins, University of California, Los Angeles

On June 2, Johnathan Perkins, director of Race and Equity at the University of California, Los Angeles, tweeted that “[t]he ‘militias’ mentioned in the 2nd Amendment served as local patrols for escaped enslaved people.” 

“Guns have always been formally identified as necessary to kill Black people,” Perkins claimed. 

In a tweet on June 8, Perkins argued that striking down New York’s conceal & carry regulation“ would “supercharge gun owner zealots. And this nation’s extremist political minority will continue to control our politics.” 

Perkins has twice been the subject of Campus Reform coverage, first when he wished death upon then-hospitalized Justice Clarence Thomas and later when he called for defunding the police in the wake of the New York City subway shooting.

Melissa Murray, New York University School of Law

May 24, Melissa Murray, a New York University law professor, tweeted about New York’s conceal carry regulation, which was before the Supreme Court last term. 

She criticized the Supreme Court for being less inclined to leave gun rights issues to the states than it is inclined to leave abortion rights to the states.

Lawrence Gostin, Georgetown University Law Center

On June 7, Lawrence Gostin, a law professor at Georgetown University, tweeted about the same Second Amendment case. 

He predicted the Supreme Court is “certain to make it even harder to enact evidence based [gun] reforms” and criticized the Court’s “uber conservative justices” for their “perverse reading of the 2nd Amendment.”

Steven Thrasher, Northwestern University

In a May 31 tweetSteven Thrasher argued that not only should police be defunded and disarmed, but that disarming the American public is a “good idea” as well.

Thrasher is an assistant professor who focuses on social justice reporting.

Campus Reform reached out to the individuals and institutions mentioned. This article will be updated as necessary with any responses. 

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