School employees allegedly vandalized conservative signs

Two vandals who destroyed advertisements for a conservative event at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign are allegedly school employees.

As Campus Reform reported October 5, several vandals were caught on film throughout the course of the day tearing down flyers promoting an upcoming Charlie Kirk event, hosted by the UIUC chapter of his conservative student organization, Turning Point USA (TPUSA).

One TPUSA member confronted the vandals, politely asking for an explanation of their actions, to which one dumbfounded perpetrator responded simply by stating “um...ok,” while another said she doesn’t “give a f**k” and proceeded to walk away as she flashed her middle finger.

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The TPUSA chapter now alleges that the latter is a student named Rubab Hyder, who also serves as a Multicultural Advocate for the university. Her school profile claims that she’ll be “working to create a welcoming community that encourages inclusivity and empathy.”

“I’m a sophomore studying Biology and Gender Studies, and I have a heart for social justice, education, and positive change,” her bio states, while the Multicultural Advocates website says the position is filled by “talented student staff who focus on helping build and navigate our diverse residential communities.”

Additionally, Jocelyne Robledo, student outreach and media coordinator for the Department of Latino/Latina Studies, was has been accused of being part of a group of vandals who laughed as they tore down all TPUSA’s posters.

Andrew Minik, member of the TPUSA chapter, informed Campus Reform that club members “submitted a report to the conflict resolution office and explained the situation,” after which they were assured that the school would take action.

“We were told they would identify and discipline everyone but we (TPUSA) cannot be told any of their names or specific results because they don't want retribution by us against the offenders,” he explained.

Campus Reform reached out to multiple university officials for comment, as well as Hyder and Robledo, but did not receive any responses.

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