School offers ‘real-world learning,’ major in social justice

Merrimack College is offering undergraduates an opportunity to earn a degree in social justice and experience “real-world learning in the field.”

According to the program description, the school “offers majors the chance to turn their passion for change, human rights, and a more just world into a career.”

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“As a social justice major, you will receive the knowledge to prepare for advocacy and human-rights work within local community organizations and national and international non-governmental organizations like the United Nations,” the college explains. “You will develop a strong theoretical understanding of ideas of social justice and participate in real-world learning in the field.”

The school also explains that the “flexible program” will allow students to “customize your major or choose to double-major,” and touts “hands-on learning” that students can receive by interning with various organizations.

“Required internship in a community-based organization or non-governmental organization provides hands-on learning,” the college explains.

Alongside the program, the institution also promotes its “Annual Social Justice Week” that lets undergraduates “get involved in on-campus initiatives to address inequality.”

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According to the official website, “Social Justice Week started in 2013 with the goal of introducing social justice issues to the Merrimack College campus.”

Since that time, the college has hosted dozens of activities and events on campus including workshops, film screenings, lectures, theater projects, and more.

Merrimack College did not immediately respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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