SCHWERHA: Biden's social agenda is achieved at women's expense. That ends now.

The clear lack of regard for science, for integrity, and for the well-being of women in America has been apparent as the administration fails to realize that its inclusive agenda is made on the backs of females.

Since the moment President Joe Biden stepped foot into the White House in January 2021, women’s rights have been under attack.

What started as two executive orders to prevent discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity, has now opened Pandora’s Box as the Department of Education (DOED) struggles to keep up with the administration’s radical agenda. Soon, this unhinged policy may result in lawful discrimination against women.

The clear lack of regard for science, for integrity, and for the well-being of women in America has been apparent as the administration fails to realize that its inclusive agenda is made on the backs of a once-vulnerable, but still resilient, community.

In 1972, Congress enacted Title IX to put an end to sex-based discrimination. For 50 years, gender discrimination in federally funded agencies has been prohibited and, because of that landmark regulation, women thrived. 

Women were given a fair shot to access opportunities and resources that were once withheld or prioritized for men.

But 50 years later, the Biden administration is sacrificing female empowerment for the feelings of men. 

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On Thursday, the DOED opened the floor for public comment on a revised version of Title IX that would extend the umbrella of protection to transgender individuals.

According to the announcement, the new Title IX would “protect LGBTQI+ students from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.”

Therefore, if a male believes he is actually a female, it very well could be lawfully required to accept this deluded fantasy as objective reality. 

Not only is this an irresponsible affirmation of a little-researched phenomenon, but it is also a gross attack on women’s rights that poses serious and, at times dangerous, consequences. 

More specifically, this swiftly advancing regulation will result in the death and decline of women’s sports.

When Lia Thomas was allowed to dive into the pool at the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship in March 2022, after receiving the green light from both the NCAA and USA Swimming, women did not stand a chance. 

Before he even took his first dive into the water, women were hurt. 

After dedicating time, sweat, and tears to reach the top of college swimming, female athletes were put to a different type of test that could not be trained for. No matter how hard the female swimmers trained or competed, it did not change the fact that they were competing against a 6’1 male.

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No one should have been shocked when Thomas took home a national title and 3 All-American accolades. The competition was not fair, and it could never have been fair so long as a man was allowed to invade the women’s division, steal the spotlight, and leave without so much as an ounce of remorse. 

”Trans women are not a threat to women’s sports,” Thomas said during a recent interview with Good Morning America.

In one season, college swimming was flipped on its head and became the epicenter of an international crisis. Because Thomas was allowed to compete, women were discriminated against in their own space. 

Progressives, who claim to celebrate women and science, were startlingly silent as the gold was stolen from University of Virginia swimmer Emma Weyent and when University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was forced to step aside and allow her trophy to go home with Thomas after the pair tied in the 200-yard freestyle.

Of course, women are only championed by the left when it is convenient, and science is only accepted when it reaffirms its authoritarian-style agenda. 

Statistics speak for themselves, and the science that proves men have a significant athletic advantage over women is abundant and clear. This advantage is embedded down in each person’s DNA. It is who a person is, and it cannot be changed - no matter the amount of hormone suppression taken. 

This was stated early in the year by transgender athlete Caitlyn Jenner, who stated he refuses to compete against women on the golf course because of the advantage he still has despite being on estrogen for several years.

Demanding fairness in women’s sports isn’t rocket science. It is basic biology.

There are the basic andobvious differences between men and women: men are taller, men have a longer wingspan, and men have a larger frame. 

Men are also inherently stronger than women and have 66% more upper-body muscle, and 50% more lower-body muscle. Men are more explosive than women and have a quicker recovery time. 

Men have larger organs, giving them a larger lung capacity, and possess more hemoglobin that allows more oxygen use. 

None of this is changed when an athlete attempts to swap genders. If it was, then why aren’t women ‘transitioning’ to compete against men?

Simply put, there is nothing to gain, but everything to lose. This is the opposite when it comes to men competing against women. 

There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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This discussion is not rocket science. It is biology. If the NCAA were interested in keeping competition fair, it would ‘follow the science’ and make bodies compete against bodies.

The solution, therefore, is simple. Athletes compete based on chromosomes, which do not change. XX competes against XX, and XY competes against XY. 

The bottom line is this: fairness must be preserved for women. A society cannot be inclusive at the expense of others, and right now women are being used as a doormat to walk over a disastrous, poisonous agenda that, if left unchecked, will result in the death of women’s sports. 

Growing up, Title IX was very important to me. As a four-sport athlete throughout high school, how could it not? 

I was raised watching female athletes shatter glass ceilings and serve as role models, teaching me to work harder than I ever thought I could, and dream bigger than I ever could have imagined.

Title IX gave women a fair shot and a pathway toward equality. At the end of the day, that is all women want: an equal chance to prove ourselves. Women are tough; we will rise to the challenge. All we ask is a fair playing field.

If Title IX is rewritten to adopt gender identity as a protected clause, the growing generation of young girls will not have this right. Instead, they will be the first kicked off the pedestal to make room for boys who will take their opportunities without so much as a second glance.

This is not a new trend. The increased presence of boys dominating women’s divisions has steadily snuck up on America due to a passive, inattentive society eye. In 2019, Selina Soule first sounded the alarm after being displaced from two championship meets to accommodate biological men.

”I just want to make sure that no one has to go through that pain and heartbreak that I went through and ensure that every little girl gets not only the chance to participate but to succeed in their sports,” she recently told Campus Reform.

Chelsea Mitchell bore the brunt of the displacement, as well, and lost her title as the “fastest girl in Connecticut” after losing to two male runners in the 2019 state championship.

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On Thursday, as the Biden administration worked feverishly to erode the rights of women, dozens of female athletes, activists, and lawmakers spoke at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C to testify to the importance of Title IX. 

Dozens of athletes who were forced to compromise their integrity and fairness in their sport because our nation has become so tolerant to the point of intolerance of fact and science spoke publicly about the loss and pain they felt when forced to compete against men.

”Whenever we come together, we’re stronger in a group. We all have the same goal of creating fairness in women’s sports, and so being here today and using our voices together and getting change is the goal,” Southern Utah University track and field runner Madisan DeBos told Campus Reform.

However, it will take more than the athletes who have been personally affected. It will take a movement of women, allies, of Americans who stand on the premise of equality and freedom to reject the misguided approach of the Biden administration. An administration that tosses women to the curb to push their radical goals.

Title IX was enacted to protect the rights of women and preserve equal access under the law. Now, those rights are on the brink of extinction. 

Title IX must not be hollowed out for delusional biological men. For the sake of our daughters, our granddaughters, and our sisters in sports, we must stand united for women’s rights. 

To use the left’s language, “we will not go back.”

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