THE SCROLL: Academics' violent 'Decolonization' calls go beyond Israel

'Decolonization' rhetoric about Israel isn't just anti-Israel, it's also anti-West and anti-white.

”The Scroll” is Campus Reform’s serial coverage of social media postings and debates that relate to liberal bias in higher education.  

Progressives on campus are using the word “decolonization” to defend the Hamas terror attacks on Israel. But the bigoted and often violent rhetoric of “decolonization” isn’t only about Israel, as multiple commentators and observers have noted.

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is one of many observers pointing out that pro-Hamas protesters have a lot in common with Black Lives Matter protests, which itself is a distillation of much of the Left’s radical agenda.

The connection between BLM and Hamas might seem tenuous at first glance, but journalist Christopher Rufo has the receipts proving that Hamas is taking cues from the American Left. 

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Rufo pointed out that these reactions reveal the true nature of “decolonization” rhetoric.

But it’s more than just simply demonization. “Decolonization” is a call to violence.

And as Rufo notes, academic “decolonization” theorists and activist groups like BLM and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have already given place to violence in the Middle East and here at home.

Progressives themselves are saying it out in the open, as one former Obama administration official found out. 

Campus radicals aren’t just targeting Israelis; Campus Reform editor-in-chief Zach Marschall has noted the repeated threats against American Jews on campuses.

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Matt Walsh also noted that the “Free Palestine” movement is “explicitly anti-white and anti-American.”

What’s the connection? Journalist Mike Cernovich elaborated: to the Left, Jews are racially coded as white.

Rufo summed up the reality of the situation. Hamas, its supporters, and other American left-wing radicals promoting the “decolonization” ideology on campus share an ideology- and a bloodlust for violence.

Rufo also urged the Right to take action to take control of the narrative, connecting “decolonization” with Hamas and other violent left-wing movements and forcing center-left liberals to disavow them.