THE SCROLL: There's consensus against men in women's sports

Princeton University's first-year class is mostly liberal but is evenly divided on men playing in women's sports divisions, according to ACTA Fellow Steve McGuire.

”The Scroll” is Campus Reform’s serial coverage of social media postings and debates that relate to liberal bias in higher education. 

Opposition to men competing in women’s sports divisions transcends political affiliations. 

Steve McGuire, a fellow at the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, made that assertion on X Tuesday evening. 

”Princeton’s freshman class, which is only 10% conservative, is just about evenly divided on ‘rules that bar trans women from competing in women’s sports,’” McGuire posted above screenshots of the corresponding bar graphs. 

”A majority of recruited athletes in the class are in favor of such rules,” he added. 

On August 9, Campus Reform reported the launch of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute. The Center is named after Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer who has spoken publicly about competing against Lia Thomas, a biological male swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania. 

”The new Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute shall advocate for girls, women, and parents at a time when women are under attack, stripped of opportunities to fairly compete in sports, denied access to sex-based scholarships and academic opportunities, put in physical danger on athletic courts and fields, and exposed to bodily harm and humiliation in locker rooms and private areas,” the Leadership Institute’s press release stated. 

The Leadership Institute is the parent organization of Campus Reform.