THE SCROLL: Prof thinks attack on AIPAC leader's home is 'pretty cool'

Gustafson defended the actions as 'pretty cool' because 'nobody was harmed.'

”The Scroll” is Campus Reform’s serial coverage of social media postings and debates that relate to liberal bias in higher education. 

A social media post flagged by watchdog StopAntisimitism appears to show Washington University Associate Professor Bret Gustafson categorizing an attack on the private residence of the leader of a pro-Israel organization as “pretty cool.”

Video circulating on social media shows pro-Palestinian protesters targeting Los Angeles home of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) President Michael Tuchin. The event, which is being investigated as a possible hate crime involved smoke bombs, red paint, and cloth bundles apparently meant to depict dead babies.

In response to a post from City University of New York journalism professor and political analyst Peter Beinart condemning the attack as inappropriate, Gustafson defended the actions as “pretty cool” because “nobody was harmed” and “it’s an escrache tactic,” telling Beinart to “look it up.”

Gustafson teaches at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and is a “political anthropologist whose interests range from Indigenous languages to the politics of energy.” His work largely focuses on Bolivia.