SDSU stands by prof after out of context clip spreads on social media

Students at SDSU posted a short video clip of a professor discussing racist assumptions that some people have during a class period.

The short video clip has circulated Twitter and has sparked calls for the professor’s removal.

A San Diego State University professor who shared racist assumptions during a class lecture is facing outrage and calls to be removed.

Discussing “ideology- our beliefs, values, assumptions made around us” in a cinema class on April 13, professor Bob Jordan shared racist assumptions after offering the disclaimer, “I don’t believe in them at all.”

The class, History of Prime Time TV (TFM 430), met online.

“I might have an assumption that Black people are just not as intelligent as white people,” Jordan stated. “Ooh, I can hear already all the people getting riled up, right? I could believe that. You know, that’s just the way I was raised and that’s just the way my values are. It doesn’t mean I’m going to come and lynch you. It doesn’t mean I’m going to attack you.”

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The professor further shared, “It might mean I won’t hire you, but it’s the way I believe, it’s the way I think. Maybe in my head I’m saying, isn’t that the way everyone thinks?”

The short clip has circulated Twitter with many calls for SDSU to remove the professor. The college’s NAACP chapter and California-Hawaii State Conference NAACP have called for his removal.

A spokesperson for SDSU told Campus Reform, “In the :50 video, the instructor gives an example of a racist view or ideology. Jordan insists the clip in no way represents his personal views or opinions. To be clear, SDSU does not tolerate acts of marginalization, racism and hatred based on personal background, identity or skin color.”

The university further said in a statement, “the goal of the course is to discuss how television and film, through portraying these very real, racist events in history, are able to help viewers better understand the plight.”

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Business first-year Rhyan Pitts told the Daily Aztec, “I’m here trying to convince people every day that my life is valuable and it’s just angering. This is probably not the first racist incident, this is just the first one that’s getting attention.”

Campus Reform has reached out to Jordan for comment, but did not receive a response.

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