This is what Seinfeld might have looked like if liberal college students ran NBC

This week, Jerry Seinfeld dominated pop-culture news with his not-so-shocking admission that college students are too politically correct.

The comedy icon said that millennials use words like “racist” or “sexist” without really understanding the meaning of true racism and sexism.

But this is not surprising to the team at Campus Reform. We understand Seinfeld's concern and have been diligently reporting on the important college issues of the day like 'mansplaining,' trendy gender pronouns, and Mormon slut-shaming.

In hilarious fashion, TheBlaze TV’s Nick Rizzuto reimagined classic Seinfeld scenes from the perspective of an overly aggressive social justice warrior easily triggered by the sitcom's “microaggressions.”

Needless to say the rest of his "Seinfeld Rewrites" are worth reading on TheBlaze. 

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