Seton Hall is hiring a student to research the university's DEI, social justice environment

Seton Hall University is hiring an undergraduate student to conduct 'social justice' research across the university.

Several universities maintain databases and other research on their DEI offerings, as 'Campus Reform' has previously reported.

Seton Hall University is hiring an “Undergraduate Student Research Position: Study of Curricular Offerings related to Social Justice & Immigration” on the university’s personnel and programming. 

Specifically, the student employee will compile a list of social justice and immigration experts at Seton Hall and will also be tasked with compiling a list of immigration and social justice programs offered at other universities, per the job description

The posting also calls for the incumbent to meet with an advisor and with faculty across disciplines, as well as create an entire database of their findings in Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) research. 

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DEI databases are not new in higher education. 

 California Institute of Technology and Georgia State University each maintain databases on various DEI initiatives that allow students and faculty to find resources such as funding and research opportunities or engage in activities such as anti-racism training.

Additionally, the job posting requires the student to present their findings at the Petersheim Academic Exposition, an official university event that celebrates academic accomplishments by the Seton Hall community.  

As Campus Reform has previously reported, colleges have created paid social justice-related jobs in the past.

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In 2018, Washington State University paid Social Justice Peer Educator’s $11 per hour to “promote equity and advance social justice.”

Harvard University even created an Associate University Librarian for Anti-racism, which comes with a salary between $133,300 and $240,300 per year, as Campus Reform reported.

Campus Reform reached out to Seton Hall for comment but did not receive a response.