Smith blasts Columbia University for segregated graduations: 'The Left doesn't actually care about racism'

On the latest episode of the Campus Countdown podcast, Campus Reform Video Reporter Addison Smith blasted Columbia University for hosting racially segregated graduation ceremonies outside of its normal graduation.

The additional ceremonies- to be held virtually, will include the “Native Graduation Celebration,” “Lavender Graduation Celebration” for LGBTQ students, “Asian Graduation Celebration,” “First-generation and Low-Income student Graduation Celebration,” “Latinx Graduation Celebration,” and “Black Graduation Celebration.” 

Smith said this move by the university is the result of a “hyper-racialized” culture that teaches, “race and ethnic identity is paramount.”

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”When you teach people their race, their ethnic identity is paramount... you end up with this hyper-racialized culture like the one we’re seeing today, where, rather than celebrate accomplishments alone, we have to celebrate accomplishments because of their race.”

Smith then suggested that this was evidence that, “the Left doesn’t actually care about racism,” adding that if one were to  ’swap out’ these categories and replace it with celebrations of ‘White’ or straight people, there would be ‘nuclear outrage.’

In the episode, Smith also discussed religious persecution on college campuses, as well as the UPenn Police Department’s recent hiring of a “diversity and inclusion” officer.

Watch the full episode above.

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