Socialist event labels Trump a ‘rapist,’ calls for free abortions

Syracuse University’s chapter of the International Socialist Organization recently hosted an event that called for free abortions and labeled President Trump a “rapist.”

The March 21 event, titled “#MeToo: Building the Movement for Women’s Liberation,” was held as part of the International Socialist Organization’s 2018 Socialism Tour, which brings “dozens of socialist activists to cities and towns across the country to speak on some of today’s most important political questions in the lead-up to this year’s Socialism Conference in Chicago.” 

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Natalia Tylim, a contributor for Socialist Worker, was the event’s invited guest, speaking in front of a backdrop adorned with a caption of “Abortion Should Be Free & Legal: Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies.” 

“The Women’s March obviously wasn’t just confined to questions of women’s oppression, but it was in no small part driven by anger at the sexist-in-chief and this rapist who is now president,” Tylim remarked during the beginning of her presentation, later proclaiming that people who are pro-life can’t be “a feminist.” 

“This is also why I don’t believe you can be a feminist if you don’t believe in abortion, because if you don’t think a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body when it comes to sexual advances, refusing unwanted sexual advances, carrying a fetus in her womb, or anything else that pertains to her own life and her livelihood, then I think it’s not a real vision of full liberation,” she stated. 

Tylim went on to praise the students for their clinic-defense activism, which consists of protests that seek to counter pro-life activism, claiming that “the clinics actually really have become a battleground for the right where they try to intimidate us from having access to our own healthcare services.” 

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Just a few days later, the group organized a counter-protest against “40 Days for Life” on Sunday in an effort to drown out the pro-life “bigots” who protest outside of abortion clinics.

“They will be marching around the clinic, intimidating all who access healthcare there,” the event description stated, claiming that “abortion is a human right.” 

“In other cities, clinic escorts are necessary just to get a patient through the mobs of bigots. Sometimes, bigots pose as fake clinic escorts,” the description added.

Campus Reform reached out to the organization for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

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