'Soviet socialism saved and improved tens of millions of lives'? One CA prof thinks so.

In response to a tweet condoning Lenin as a murder, an economics professor expressed his support for Soviet violence.

'Campus Reform' reported on the professor's affinity for Joseph Stalin earlier this year.

A professor at Riverside City College in California expressed his support for “Soviet Socialism” in a recent tweet, saying that “a revolution doesn’t happen without violence.”

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“The reality is that Soviet socialism saved and improved tens of millions of lives,” Bair wrote in response to criticism of Vladimir Lenin. 

The original tweet by Nathan J Robinson, editor of Current Affairs, had previously tweeted, “Lenin was a mass murderer. Alarming when one sees leftists nostalgic for Lenin. No thanks.” The tweet then links a section of an article about the atrocities of the Bolshevik Revolution. The original tweet by Robinson was published on August 5th, 2020. Bair’s reply was not published until August 18th, 2021, over a year later. 

Bair is a self-proclaimed Communist and teaches economic theory. 

Campus Reform reported that Bair tweeting his admiration for Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator whom he called “one of the great leaders of the 20th c(entury).”

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Zilvinas Silenas, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and native Lithuanian, told Campus Reform, “There is countless evidence, thousands of books and even some people alive who still remember the suffering that Stalin’s Soviet Union imposed on its own people and countries it occupied.”

Campus Reform reached out to Bair and Riverside City College but did not receive a response.